Tae Hun Kim, PH.D

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor | Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine

Member, Cancer Genomics and Epigenomics Program, Case Comprehesive Cancer Center 

CV | Google Scholar 

Background. Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The Hospital for Sick Children with Banting Fellow and H.L. Holmes Scholar          

PhD at University of Toronto at Mississauga with OGS, CIHR

Undergraduate at University of Toronto in 2009 - 2011

Research Interests. Biophysics, Biochemistry, Structural Biology, DNA Damage repair, Epigenetics, Chromatin

Hobbies. Listening to classical music, traveling 


Chathuni Jayathilake, PH.D

Background. Ph.D. Degree in Molecular Biology and Protein Engineering at the Department of Functional Biomaterial Science, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University, Japan 2020. MSc. degree in Nutrition at the Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka 2015. BSc. degree in Food Science at the Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sri Peradeniya, Sri Lanka 2012. 

Research Interests. I work on in vitro selection models, Phage display and cDNA display methods which are high-throughput affinity molecule selection methods against biological targets such as proteins, peptides, receptors, bio markers, antibodies, etc. 


Ryan Deng

Background. I received my Bachelor's degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of British Columbia in Canada in 2021. I then worked as an analytical scientist with several biologic drug CMC development projects at WuXiBiologic Inc. in China 2021-2022, conducting protein assays and writing filing documents for IND.

Research Interests. Structural Biology, Protein Biology, Epigenetic Modification 

Hobbies. Games, playing guitar, horror novels and movies, ice-skating

Clare Mewhinney

Background. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Bioinformatics and Biology from Walsh University in North Canton, OH in 2023 and am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Biochemistry!

Research Interests. I have been studying the role and interaction of PNKP in DNA damage repair within the nucleosome. 

Hobbies. Softball, reading, baking, hanging out with friends!


Angela Khurana

Background. My name is Angela Khurana and I am an undergraduate pursuing a BS in biochemistry on the pre-med track at Case Western Reserve University. I graduated from Jericho High School in Long Island, New York. Currently, I am a member of Dr. Kim's lab in the biochemistry department. 

Research Interests. I have been working with Dr. Kim on studying disease mutants of MeCP2 and its interactions with DNA in the context of nucleosomes

Hobbies. My hobbies include rock climbing, chess, eating, hiking, and hanging out with friends.

Grace Koh

2024 SOURCE STEM summer award

Background. I am Grace, an undergraduate student pursuing a B.S in Biochemistry on the pre-med track and a minor in Spanish. I was born and raised in Singapore, but I live in Chapel Hill, NC. 

Research Interests. I am currently assisting Dr.Kim with his study on the effects of PNKP on DNA break repair in the context of nucleosomes.

Hobbies. Playing the piano, learning Kung Fu with Case Kung Fu, cooking, baking, hang out with friends, traveling.  

Riya Nair

Background. I'm currently a junior pursuing a B.S in Biochemistry (with a concentration in Infectious Diseases) along with minors in Public Health and Sports Medicine. I have previously worked in a neuroscience lab at CCF where I was involved in training mice to quantitatively self-report pain using operant conditioning. Outside of the lab, I'm also involved in PhiDE, URGE and hospice volunteering off-campus.

Research Interests. I'm currently assisting Dr. Kim in characterizing the binding of MeCP2 variants to DNA in the context of nucleosomes.

Hobbies. Embroidery, Painting and Reading

Junseo Yang

2024 Hanson Summer Research Scholar

Background. Hello! I am in the class of 2027 pursuing a B.S in Biochemistry and a minor in Bioethics and Medical Humanities

Research Interests. Mechanism/structure of PARP3 interacting with DNA SSBs in various contexts & chromatin structure.

Hobbies. Classical Guitar, Soccer, and Games

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